What Is Fitkur ?

We have been doing wholesale nuts for many years. We sell our high quality and affordable nuts. Our goal in this system is to create a new source of income for you.

In the system, you go to the businesses that buy wholesale nuts like nut shops, wedding halls, cafes then you are offering the Fitkur for the business's wholesale nuts buy and you earn 5% of every sale to your offered business.

So you can make money without any fund. To join the system, just contact us.

Contribute to Your
Family Budget

Make Money Without Any

Earn %5 of Each Deal You

Antep Fıstığı Duble

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Fitkur Özel Dörtlü Karışık Çerez

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Badem İçi Çiğ

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Yer Fıstığı İçi Tuzlu

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Üzüm Besni Çekirdekli

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Kayısı Sarı No:1

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Karışım Fındık - Üzüm

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Kaju Kavrulmuş

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We provide you to make money without
any fund

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Who Are We?

Fitkur Wholesale nuts, In Marmara Region, we continue to grow by increasing our sales network every day. Market chains, hotels, nut shops, pastry shops everyone who needs dry food is delivered to the door at wholesale price.


Mega Center / Istanbul / Turkey


Telephone Number

+90 546 559 21 17 / +90 541 850 45 67

Who Are We?
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  +90 (541) 850 45 67
  +90 (212) 909 12 67
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Our Mission
Our mission as Fitkur; Delivire the good quality nuts to affordable prices to all the World, for the accelerate this work we activate the fistikgibiis system. In this system we offer you an additional income opportunity, a new business gate without the need for any fund. is an affiliate of fitkur .